Product Management Templates

Elevator Pitch
Feature Analysis
Strategic Investment Bubble Chart
Decisions Log
Product Management RASCI
Product Strategy and Positioning
Product Positioning Template
Customer Loyalty Assessment
Revenue Modelling
Deal Qualification
User Story Template

Planning and Tracking Templates

Layer Cake
Milestone Trend
S Curves and Zero Bug Bounce
Bug Severity Definitions
Delivery Modelling
Days Until Release Projection
I18N Guidelines


Product Management Description
Writing the MRD
Agile Basics for Product Managers

Product Delivery

Product Delivery Framework
Concept Commit Template
Development Commit Template
Readiness Gate Template
Release Gate Template
Detailed Roadmap Template
High Level Roadmap Template
Quality Manual
Engineering Handbook
VV&T Handbook
Planning Guidelines
Delivery Team Minutes and Risks Log
PRD Template
MRD Template
Sales Forecast

Tools and Utilities

Remote Presentation Tool
User Story Generator

Other Stuff

Engineering Job Descriptions
Health and Safety Policy
Workstation Guidance
Workstation Assessment
Manual Handling
Stress Avoidance
Equal Oppurtunity Policy
Grievance Procedure
Dignity At Work
Disciplinary Policy and Procedures
Retirement Policy
Sickness Self-Certification Form
Annual Leave Policy
IT Acceptable Use Policy
1-Way NDA
2-Way NDA
Consulting NDA
Consulting Agreement
R&D Tax Claim
Feature Creep Wallpaper
Content Creation Tools